A very undesireable and or none branded item of clothing, jewellery, electronics etc, which you can guarantee your father would rather buy for you instead of the expensive alternative.
Example A:

Father: How about these trainers?

Son: No dad I don't want them.

Example B:

"Do you like my new Hadidas trainers?"

"Sorry mate, but those are fucking Nodads"
by Hector Knox December 27, 2005
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A pair of shoes that an individual wears that are distasteful/unattractive/old.
Young child exclaims ''No Dad!!! Please don't make me wear them!''

Peer - ''Oh, I see you've got your Nodads on.''
by NCLZ May 1, 2011
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A word to describe something so awful, that you beg your father not to buy it
"those are some nodad trainers"
"sum 41 is a nodad blink 182"
by EvilGelatine03 July 29, 2021
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adj. Pertaining to an item of clothing that is very naff, and provokes the response, "No, Dad!" The implication is that only a dad would wear such a heinous crime against fashion, and that by doing so he would embarrass his children.
"Dude, what were you thinking putting that on to take your girlfriend out. That's a nodad shirt."
by Patrick Beverley November 6, 2007
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Any item of clothing your parents are forcing you to wear but you know looks outdated & 'pants'
Father 'Son, put your lederhosen on'
Child 'Nodad'
by PGTips April 10, 2006
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Term used to describe an African American household
Keisha grew up like all black folks, with nodad
by Niggy Azalea July 16, 2019
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