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Meaning a fan who is over obsessed with a celebrity. ST(alker f)AN.

Usually the word is used in a way that is not offensive to explain that someone is a dedicated fan or that you are telling someone to be a fan.

Typically stans can be found on any social media site, but especially on twitter. Stans on Twitter are collectively known as, you may have guessed it, stan Twitter.

Can be used as a noun or a verb.
“Do you stan Stray Kids?”
“Yes, I am a Stray Kids stan.”
Stan loona!”
by Healing Smile January 1, 2019
Kun is a member of the Korean boy group NCT and the Chinese boy group WayV.
“Qian Kun will have a proper debut soon.”
by Healing Smile January 1, 2019
Korean Music which makes you realise you’re gay.
“I like Kpop, loona and nct are my ults.”
by Healing Smile January 1, 2019
Someone who denounced their own race and calls themselves Korean, genuinely believes that they’re Korean or wishes they were Korean. They may also think that they will some day marry their favourite idol (see also delulu) or may use small parts of Korean in their sentences without caring about learning the language. They could think that all Asians/Koreans are beautiful gods who are above the human race (see also yellow fever).

Not someone who:
-is interested in Korean culture
-listens to Kpop music
-listens other Korean music genres
-watches Korean TV shows
-makes cringey jokes about Korean celebrities
-wants to live in Korea
“Jackie is such a Koreaboo, she’s American she shouts ‘OPPA’ at random Asian men and tries to look Korean by glueing her eyelids down.”
by Healing Smile January 1, 2019
People who hate Korean pop music. They are mostly 12 year olds who say ching chong and call males who wear makeup transgender/gay. They always make themselves sound like dumbasses because they’re unoriginal.
“I met a Kpop anti today, they told me to kill myself because I listened to a song that they didn’t like.”
by Healing Smile January 1, 2019
Something or someone who is plain and boring. Sometimes used to describe caucasian people or heterosexual people.

See also: vanilla
Sara is such a mayonnaise name.”
by Healing Smile January 1, 2019
WayV (WeiShen V) is a Chinese boy group which are set to debut in January 2019.

There are seven members as of debut: Kun (Qian Kun), Ten (Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul), WinWin (Dong Si Cheng), Lucas (Huang Xuxi/Yuk Hei Wong), Xiaojun (Xiao De Jun), Hendery (Wong Kunhang/Huang Guanheng) and YangYang (full name unconfirmed).
“WayV are the latest Cpop group that I have heard about.”
by Healing Smile January 1, 2019