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what non-asians think all asians say
asians are so hard to understand: Ching chong! chita fong tong! I cannot see!
by But_Ma! January 24, 2016
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1) An offensive way of making fun of the Chinese languages.
2) What ignorant people use to make fun of all East Asian languages because they aren't smart enough to tell the difference between them.

Yang: δ½ θ¦δ»€δΉˆοΌŸ
Mei: δ½ ζœ‰δΈζœ‰ζ‹‰ι’οΌŸ
Some racist or immature kid: Ching chong ching chong
Mei: Say that again and I'm going to pound your face in.

Japanese language professor: γ“γ‚“γ«γ‘γ―οΌε€§δΈˆε€«γ§γ™γ‹οΌŸ
Ignorant racist kid: Ching chong
Japanese language professor: Actually Japanese can't pronounce "ching chong" properly, and isn't in the same language family as any of the Chinese languages. So that's as intellectually incorrect as making fun of English by saying "derka derka derka" .
by udusers1 August 17, 2016
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Word which is used when a stupid bastard tries to speak an Asian language
"Hi, you're Asian, right? You probably don't know English so, Ching Chong!"
by Moon Old November 07, 2015
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The most offensive insult you could say to an Asian.
John:Yo what up Ching Chong

Jian:WHAT DID U SAY TO ME U LITTLE ****************************************************
by Zenery July 08, 2019
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