what non-asians think all asians say
asians are so hard to understand: Ching chong! chita fong tong! I cannot see!
by But_Ma! January 24, 2016
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A way to verbally insult someone who has Asian Heritage. Usually finished by saying "Wing Wong".
White/Black Person:"Yo Ching Chong, give me some rice you wing wong."
Asian Person:*insult in asian* or "Fuck You".
by Zolder November 29, 2005
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The racist word for asian that is equal to the n word. Do not say this word unless authorized by asian.
Me: *Usually looking at phone*
Random nazi: Hey ching chong
Me: *Pulls out bamboo*WTF U SAY?
by bored hong kong student September 17, 2020
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stop racism against ching chong's
a ching chong means a Chinese guy who gets memed on
guy 1: You're a ching chong!
Chinese guy: *sad*
by chunknunkpunklunk69funnyxD February 9, 2021
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Gerald: Ching Chong
ron: hey man thas the Asian n word
by RAT GOD November 29, 2019
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