WayV (WeiShen V) is a Chinese boy group which are set to debut in January 2019.

There are seven members as of debut: Kun (Qian Kun), Ten (Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul), WinWin (Dong Si Cheng), Lucas (Huang Xuxi/Yuk Hei Wong), Xiaojun (Xiao De Jun), Hendery (Wong Kunhang/Huang Guanheng) and YangYang (full name unconfirmed).
“WayV are the latest Cpop group that I have heard about.”
by Healing Smile January 01, 2019
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A Chinese group formed by SM Entertainment and also a subunit of NCT.

Basically a bunch of dudes making seggs songs and is going to take over the moon.
"Did you hear WayVs new song, Moonwalk? It was so good i can't stop listening to it!"
by Hefilix January 16, 2021
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“Beyond wavy” “excessive drip” wavy
The way he walked in the room was just too wayv
by Sav2wayv September 18, 2018
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the most pg song ever created by any kpop artist. like this song is so incredibly pg
you: da fork
me: sorry im listening to wayv love talk
by hoteldel_leejieun September 06, 2020
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