A delusional fan girl/boy who believes they can/will end up with their favourite idol or celebrity and invest an unhealthy amount of time and energy into said idol.

High levels of delulus are found in the following fandoms:
One Direction, Justin Bieber and various Kpop fandoms.

As the vast majority of them are teenage girls, their emotional maturity is almost always below zero and thusly cannot conceive the sheer thought of their idol feeling real human emotions and not actually belonging to their fans (let alone dating somebody who is not them).

Delulus often attack at the slightest hint of criticism towards their bias celebrity and are rather vicious. Note: They also have trouble separating fantasy from reality.
Commenter: It was a good performance. The last note was flat but other than that, his vocals were impressive.
by eyeofink June 19, 2014
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sometimes humorous but mostly sarcastic way of saying "Delusional" in fandoms to take a jab at opposing factions.
I can't believe fandom X thinks their ship is canon, they're so delulu LOL
by Fandomgalorz December 30, 2016
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When twice's fandom try to put TWICE in other idols title, like BLACKPINKS Jennie and Lisa.
"Nayeon is koreas it girl, if you say otherwise you are delulu."
by kay♛ January 21, 2022
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Delulu is slang for delusional, commonly used amongst KPOP fans. Not used for the mental disorder but more calling out crazy fans. If a fan starts thinking sexually about an idol, starts writing fanfics about them is when someone would get called delusional.

An example is when fans start thinking they have a chance with a certain idol, or replace a groups official title with another is when you would call someone "delulu".

Another meaning is for people who see delusions commonly from a disorder or mental illness
Once: "Nayeon is Korea's it girl, if you say otherwise you are delulu."

blink: " BTS isn't the biggest group"
by kay♛ January 21, 2022
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