Yuta is a man that has everything-Talent, Visuals. Intelligence, and Happy Family.

Yuta will light up even your darkest days. People thinks he is intimidating at first but he is just a babie and very much sincere person.

No matter who you are or where you’re from you can’t help but to fall in love with Yuta
Person 1: I don’t believe in angels and fairies

Person 2: Oh you haven’t met Yuta yet
by nirvanapasta March 25, 2020
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the finest man alive. the man you’ll choose over any man in this world.
“who’s yuta?”

“the finest man alive.”
by hyucki October 19, 2021
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Yuta is a man who has literally everything Talent, Visual, Intelligence, and Happy loving friends.

Yuta will make you happy. Even it is your worst day ever.

So stan NCT and Yuta for better life.
You will never regret. This man will never let you down. I promise

No matter who you are or where you’re from you can’t help but to fall in love with Yuta

ik i kinda copied the all sentences from other definition but yk sometimes we all do that.
life is a b*tch tho. But Yuta will make your life better6
person C: Do you know who is Yuta ?
person D: Ofc, He is my LOML.
by yutaholic May 3, 2021
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Yuta is the sweetest guy you will ever meet.<3 For example, he will hold your bag; buy you tickets to the movies; and thinks about you day and night. Very athletic and has amazing abs and arm muscles. Being with yuta will make every moment of your life worth living. Even though yuta act’s like a five year old, he will brighten your day no matter what. You will be very comfortable being around him so she might end up being his best friend(: Maybe later, his sweetness will attract her and soon, in relationships. His dream is to become a pro soccer player and when it comes true, he’s ganna ask her to marry him. I hope we can be high school sweet hearts.<3
I love Yuta!
by Your gf<3 December 3, 2011
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A very athletic, witty type of person who always has your back. A person who is always chill and makes you laugh. A

person with good looks and a nice body but very modest about it. He is a lover, not a fighter...but he is a fighter so don't

mess with him.
Yuta is amazing.
by GET SOME!! August 7, 2008
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Used to describe an individual who has confidence, money, and athletic abilities.
A Yuta often pulls many girls, while resembling one of the characters from Spongebob.
Yo fam you were so Yuta last night, I saw you grinding with mad chicks
by TSakaGentleman February 26, 2019
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Yuta is a Sm idol that is in love with Mark Lee and Dong Sicheng.
Yuta will love you no matter what, you could want to kill him but still will still love you
Doyoung: i will kil, shove your ******* up your ***
Yuta: you are so beautiful
by Yuta of nct October 29, 2020
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