25 definitions by Hayley

Isn't eating apple cores an Imogen thing to do
by Hayley March 27, 2004
Some one who has the urge to murder monkeys.
while swinging my friend's dog's monkey....i happened to rip the legs off.
by Hayley March 19, 2005
A wonderful Finnish band. And no, I'm no HIM/Rasmus-loving teeny. I know good music, and Nightwish is good music.
Random Guy: Nightwish suck ass, only HIM/Rasmus loving teenies like them.
Me: I'm no teeny. And I like them.
RG: ...damn...
by Hayley October 15, 2005
"oh my god, you are being so loofty!" or "he is so loofty"
by Hayley May 21, 2004
A stupid idiot who thought she was punx. Now she thinks she's gawth. As nearly everyone over 13 knows, she is neither!
OMG, I'm zoOoOoOo gawthix coz I listen to Avril!
*sarcastically* OMG, I'm soooooo preppy coz I listen to Nightwish! *laughs* Avril's a goth just as much as Mandy Moore!
by Hayley April 9, 2005
Once I met this guy named Tom and he had huge moobs, they flung all over the place as he turned around to great me.
by Hayley May 21, 2004