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Informal variation of the word cunt. Used in a more casual but mocking sense, similar to the term "hon" for honey.
Don't worry about it, cun.
by Hal Jackson November 09, 2006

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unch: The entire crotch area of a human being, with emphasis on the lower part of the genitalia. Meant to refer to the entire experience of the crotch and its contents.
Smell my unch, boy. Put your face in my unch.

by Hal Jackson December 26, 2006

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gú-see gú-nee: The act of squeezing a woman in between her legs at the labia, from either the front or from behind. Derives from the word "goosing", to describe pinching a someone's behind, combined with "goony", to denote the specific location as being the "goona" or vagina.
The phrase is said while squeezing the area, as an exclamation, e.g., "Goosy goony! Goosy goony!"
by Hal Jackson April 06, 2006

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kú-ta-kee: vagina. Derived from an Asiafication of the words "coochie" and "poontang".
Oooh, baby, give me the kutaki!
by Hal Jackson April 06, 2006

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dú-la Penis, usually when erect.
Grab your doola, boy, and get in there.
by Hal Jackson November 29, 2006

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(flá-dee-da), noun: a liberal spraying of semen onto the human body during the sex act.
You like the fla-di-da? You LIKE the fla-di-da.
by Hal Jackson February 04, 2010

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/léz-bor/ n. A homosexual woman who talks obsessively about her sexual orientation and the topic of sexual orientation in general. Also <i>lezbore.</i>
Dyanna is such a lesbore. She never talks about anything else but being gay, as if the whole world is concerned about being gay.
by Hal Jackson April 20, 2010

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