Arrested, cautioned, warned, detained etc. by a police officer.
I was smoking weed in the park last night and got pigged.
by millipede October 12, 2010
someone who has been rated and reviewed on the website.
Have you been pigged?
by Jp Roberts March 17, 2008
I walked into John's house and he was pigged at 9:00 in the morning.
by Vanilla55 April 6, 2016
A pig pig is a subset of pig and is usually a highly demanding creature. Pig pigs are extremely rare (with only one known to be in existence), but also extremely cute and lovable. Having a pig pig by your side makes you the happiest and luckiest person!
Piggie: "I love my pig pig sooooooo much!!!"
by pig.pig277 June 21, 2010
A filthy police officer,who thinks they are above the law and whatever they says goes. Well fuck ém