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Slang for female customer service person who is usually more concerned with their fingernail polish then your customer satisfaction. Usually unsatisfied with their "career" so it comes out in their lack of care/energy for the work their supposed to be doing.
Pffft , that computer operator just told me "she too busy right now to assist me with the issue" , what a bluenail.

I am not calling support , everytime I call I get a bluenail. I'd rather disconnect my service. Then deal with her...
by Guru February 8, 2005
Ponce from the south of England who don't half talk funny and drinks lady-drinks!
by Guru July 17, 2003
don't trip, she ain't my girlfriend, she just my baby momma
by Guru September 29, 2003
A semi clever quip made by computer geeks and gurus.. Quite similar to the military quip " You are so fucking useless, I should replace you with a button"
by Guru June 15, 2003
To politically screw someone/a party up twice. A sure screwing, fucking up a party's political aspirations. George Bus and Ken star are two big foshizzlers. Democrat party was foshizzled(twice for sho)
Bushboy and Dizzle's party was foshizzled again. The state of Florida foshizzled the democrats again. Blaze and Bubus are big time foshizzlers
by Guru February 11, 2005
A fat smelly slag, often used for free mcdonalds supplies.
by Guru August 21, 2003
A pie, designed specifically for the southern shandy drinking ponce.
by Guru July 17, 2003