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the mother of a man's child when the parents are not married
by Ac February 02, 2004
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That fucking smooth brain put his shirt on backwards again...

That smooth brain is dumber than a pile of shit.
by Tip Tank May 14, 2011
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Baby momna takes the child support money that is enough for rent for a 3 bedroom apartment, in New York City on 5th Avenue, and take the money and spends it on herself, when the money is supposed to be used to take care of the child, and she will not buy the child any clothes and The child must call her daddy and beg him to her new clothes for school, cause the kids are picking on her old clothes. The father takes the child shopping, and the Baby momma tell the child "Daddy and his wife are rich, so make sure you get everything you can. When Baby daddy drop the child off, Baby momma is expecting Baby daddy to bring food back for the rest of the other baby daddy kids.(other kids had for other men.)

Making some poor man life a LIVING HELL because she won't take her good for nothing ass to work. She just lay around having babies living off good men. Making all women look bad.
The Baby Momma will tell you some lie that her electricity is turned off in the Winter, all the other baby daddy were smart and told her to "Go to hell" and she comes to the last baby daddy with a good job, with the same bullshit lie, and Baby daddy tells her "No, I just spend $500 on clothes for the kid." Baby Momma has her older kids to call the (that's not even related to the her older kids) baby daddy all day at work and Baby Momma then threatens to take him back to court if he don't pay her bills. She claims she can't work. However disability turned her lazy ass down, and told her to take her sorry ass to work.
by Pissed off Baby Daddy Wife January 11, 2014
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The mother of one's child. The connotation is that mother and father do not and never did have any relationship beyond being sex partners. Contrast: ex-wife, ex-girlfriend.
"I thought I was getting a fuck buddy, but I ended up with a baby momma."
by Dorothy November 21, 2004
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some chick you knocked up on accident during a fling who you can't stand but you have to tolerate cuz she got your baby now.
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
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the mother of your child, not necessarily your mate/life partner
His/My babymomma is coming over today to talk about details of the birth...
by boobear23 October 11, 2008
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Some one who takes the money that she is supposed to use to take care of the kid and spends on a rental car for the summer, buys hair, gets nails done and pretends to be a baller with her child support to impress all her friends who all thinks she is a loser for losing such a good man. Normally attempting to make some poor man life hell because she was to sorry to keep him.
by Pissed of baby daddy June 14, 2009
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