Jaysus Anto are ye on the E Tabs.
by Desigol November 19, 2004
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Refers to the Lord and Savior Jaysus of Urban Discordianism. According to these religous factions, Jaysus will arrive in the New World encouraging people of race and religion to praise him for no particular reason. When his ego has maxed all his well wishers will be blessed with coupons, and life changing rhetoric.

"Praise Jaysus, in heart, a pleasurous soul. May we bless him with sweets and provide him with the tree of life".
NAT 5:23

"DONT **** around with JAYSUS!"
50 Cent

"Jaysus is an honorable man to praise"
Dominic Rio, Editor, New York Times
by Webstarsdick February 14, 2009
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Jesus's older Irish brother ,who lives in darndale.
Person1:Ahh Jesus , I spilled me pint .
(Suddenly , Jaysus appears)
Jaysus:Excuse me what did you say?
Person1: are you Jesus ?
Jaysus: fuck you
by JamesPrestage March 14, 2017
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Jaaaysus H ckriiiist!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 7, 2004
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jaysus you cant say that about ms kirby phil, she mings old style.
by ben ross January 11, 2004
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To disregard an item or a person, rendering them useless.
I bought a new cliggy yesterday and the fucker wouldn't work, the curses of jaysus on it. I was meant to meet Goosey in the crossbar last night and he never showed up, the curses of Jaysus on him.
by Dave7g December 14, 2005
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