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A trick in photography where one part of the photo is in focus and the rest isn't, so attention is drawn to the subject. That out-of-focus area is called bokeh.
Hey I took this shot with bokeh the other day, you should check it out, it looks sick.
by Suppish Mind August 07, 2008
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The specific quality of the blur in out-of-focus areas of the picture; "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light." Small highlights, especially, in the blurry areas of a photo can be rendered dramatically differently by different lenses (or "faux bokeh" photoshopping techniques).

Some examples of different types of bokeh are at
The bokeh produced by a mirror lens renders out-of-focus points of light as little rings! Cool!
by Grinning Cat March 06, 2010
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Pronounced "Boke-uh." Pertains to the amount of artistic blur produced from one's camera lens or created through a theoretical camera in a 3D scene. Bokeh refers to the Japanese word "Boke," or sometimes "Bokashi." As in most Japanese terminologies, there is good Bokeh, and bad Bokeh. It is commonly used for macro lenses to where there really is no focal definition and the subject is needed to be drawn out from the scene. The same applies with 3D art. The main different between the use of computer generated Bokeh and real lens Bokeh is that photographers usually come out with the clean result completely by accident.
The direct definition of Bokeh is often not certain, as not much in Japan is, but it simply refers to the amount of background blur used to give the image definition. Anyone who attempts to explain the direct meaning as "How much blur," or "How little blur," there is in a scene, is wrong. It more directly applies to the quality of the blur. 3D programmers hate this effect.
"For this still, I ticked a Bokeh level of nine, purely for purposes of demonstration. What's that? Photographers don't actually choose how much Bokeh is applied?"
by Toxic Butterflies October 05, 2013
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A fucking crazy woman in Japan who eats little kids. The said crazy woman will often remove the head of her children prior to eating them with a wooden spork.
Jesus man, I went to Japan the other day and we almost got attacked by a bokeh!
by x_webster_x August 15, 2006
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