imessage games. the gamepideon app thingy that's on the apple store
by bren.dlz December 2, 2019
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img is short for the name image. Image was the original homosexual man in the mid 20th century. Through his wisdom and leadership the gay community has grown astronomically.
man that img, he was one fly fag.
by rgv October 31, 2004
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In My Gooch
Dr Pradeep couldn't come in today, because he is IMG
by dr.chad August 3, 2021
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When someone makes a typo while typingomg
Person 1 texting: hi, what are you doing
Person 2 texting: img
Person 1 texting: what
by Fyckyouh🤒 May 15, 2022
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International medical graduate - a doctor who has graduated from a medical school outside USA or Canada.

The location of the medical school, not the citizenship of the physician, determines whether the graduate is an IMG.
It has become really hard for IMG's to get into residency training in the United states, and generally only the best ones get in.
by Jackk Kevorkian November 6, 2017
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A very kind and beautiful person, with a warm heart. You will love her from the beginning. She is very open minded. However, she can be annoying and stubborn af.
There is actually no sentence where you can use this. It's just a name. Imge.
by Someeeeshituuu May 11, 2018
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