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The act committed when one person threatens to sue another for using the first person's name without authorization. Delautering is the next level and more general form of scientologying, which is suing or threatening to sue for calling Scientology bogus.

The word stems from when a local councilman in Maryland threatened to sue a local paper for using his name, Kirby Delauter, in a story without his permission. The Internet found out and laughed. Then the paper issued an editorial and The Internet laughed harder. For further reading, invoke the man's name three times via google: "Kirby Delauter Kirby Delauter Kirby Delauter".
A conversational example between two silly-named people:
Councilman Rabid ElTurkey: "Use my name again unauthorized and you'll be paying for an Attorney. Your rights stop where mine start"
Reporter Bystander Goher: "Pound sand, you delautering fool!"
by Furby de Laughter January 07, 2015
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An ass with a wide rectum from which shit falls out continuously.
Brittany broke up with Mark when he refused to seek medical attention for his delauter.
by AwolBaby January 07, 2015
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