A Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. He is characterized by:
-being batshit insane
-having biblical ties to every part of his campaign and proposed administration, even with the separation of church and state in the USA
-lies about his upbringing
-being stupid, but because he's a fantastic neurosurgeon (read: "idiot savant"), it's ok
-speaking as if he is perpetually high
If Ben Carson wins the 2016 election, I'm leaving this planet.
by qwoke December 19, 2015
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A person who is or behaves like Ben Carson. He usually appears to be high or drunk and is extremely under the influence of stupidity. A Ben Carson also changes his story but lies about it all.

A person who ruined their reputation by running for public office. Everyone realized that they were a joke.
Example 1:
Person 1: I got accepted into Yale!
Person 2: Yeah right.
Person 1: No, I'm serious. I also got an invitation to West Point and a congratulations letter from Barack Obama.
Person 2: Sure, Ben Carson.

Example 2:
Person 1: I'm running for President!
Person 2: Cool, let's hear your ideas.
Person 1: Know Donald Trump? Well basically all of his ideas.
Person 2: Wait... so why should I vote for you?
Person 1: I'm black, got accepted into West Point, am ghetto, threw a hammer at my mom and stabbed someone, I swear!
Person 2: You're such a Ben Carson.
by YourPseudonymHere2 November 08, 2015
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Ben Carson, synonym for hypocrite.
"That bastard Wally is the biggest Ben Carson I've ever met"
by Chato10 February 24, 2016
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A successful African-american Neurosurgeon, who proved that even black people in da hood can end up world-renowned, without government assistance. A humble man who's skin color is not a factor in being president, unlike Obama. A man who the mainstream media despises, due to him being a black conservative who does not think that the federal government owes them for slavery.
"Do you know about the black Republican running for president, Ben Carson?"

Democrat, "Black Republican? What a disgrace!"
by stuey57 January 14, 2016
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A man that has a hard time keeping his eyes open. Speaking monotone and slow is his forte. Bible thumping as well.
...ben carson
by Bmoran2 November 14, 2015
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One of the greatest Neurosurgeons in history. He was the youngest head of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins hospital. He pioneered the Hemispherectomy which is the full removal of a brain hemisphere to treat seizures. He also performed the first successful separation of Siamese twins conjoined at the head. A staunch republican, his soft tone and religious center pull his public image toward the extreme. Often misquoted, never duplicated. The good doctor has enough good sense to smack the sonic rings back into the Democratic Party of the American political system.
by NabiscoCFO December 01, 2015
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