In my own experience is knowing she doesn't care , about my feelings , gaslighting , when youre telling her someone she doesn't listen , she blames all on you , manipulative , always seems to want to hurt you even if she says its "because she cares" , your mommy ignoring you, shouting at you, making you feel worthless and like the worst person in the world ... in more simple terms , having a careless mom , having a bad relationship with her , having an absent mom , abusive , manipulative ,etc.

What does it triggers?

Body Dismorphia(horrible self steam and body image) , resenting others for having a good relationship with their mother ( because you can't and never had) ,being to confrontional an scaring others around ( trust issues , bad commitment issues) , pushing away , getting emotional attached to mother figures , distancing yourself from people you love so you don't get hurt (again trust issues , because all the abuse you've lived) ,liking astrology , wanting independence , controlling , can me impulsive , sensitive (but often don't show it) , not many female friends / many guys friends , more feminist views, need validation of everyone and need attention all the time , having anger issues and not knowing how to express your feelings , getting attached to fast with anyone but having trust issues, never letting people touch you ever , independent but secretly clingy , very giving and caring for others ( craves the motherly role).
X: She listens to Lana Del Rey , is not a surprise she has mommy issues.

Y: Yeah , she also cries when someone says " Im proud of you" , I think she just really need love from their parents .
by juddy.q February 18, 2021
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you have issues keep a healthy relationship with your mom
you and your mom cant stop arguing, or she says hurtful things, or invalidates your feelings.
shes probably said things like these to you :

"stop being a ungrateful piece of shit"
"all you do is take up space and suck up all the oxygen"
"maybe if you werent such a fuck up"
"you're the problem"
"your a mistake"
"you're so fucking mean all the damn time"
"you're so annoying"
"leave me the fuck alone"
"i give you almost everything you fucking ask for and its still never enough"
"you're overdramatic"
"stop complaining so damn much"
"good for nothing"
"why are you legs so skinny"
"you eat to much"
"your eating to little"
"you look fat"
"your gaining weight"
"why are you losing weight"
"you dont have any mental problems your just a fucking weirdo"
if so, you have mommy issues.
by TheSkinnestBitchAlive December 28, 2022
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When someone can't figure out why they need approval from a strong woman. They a slut for Mommy.
by HeteroBoySlut June 19, 2019
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Mommy issues arise when somebody's mother is an absolute cunt and does not give them the care they require throughout childhood.
She has really horrible anxiety because he mother was emotionally abusive. She had some really bad mommy issues.
by hiimjeff October 5, 2017
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Mommy issues is actually the exact opposite of being a momma's boy. Just like having Daddy issues is the opposite of being a daddy's girl.

A guy who didn't have a mother (figure) or that hasn't had a close relationship to her, lacking motherly care.
" Guys with mommy issues usually turn out to be players and seek women affection through sex/ have bad image of women. Or think they want a gf/wife but really want a girl to act like their mommy. Also usually those with commitment issues too"
by Mg3000 May 17, 2012
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Mommy issues is an attachment problem with parents, particularly mothers, that affects a person's overall development.
by Silkyy May 17, 2022
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From my perspective it’s just knowing that she obviously favors my sibling more. When i try to speak my feels out to her she ignores it or blames it on me, she also yells.. a lot at me for the littlest things possible. Having mommy issues is like having a mom who likes to hurt you and drain your mental health but claims it’s because she “cares about you” in conclusion it’s having a really shitty relationship with your mom.
Person 1: Yeah my mom completely lashed out on me and told me i was disappointed but her way of apologizing was “It’s because I care about you”

Person 2: Yeah you have Mommy issues.
by pleasestop10 August 18, 2021
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