What the emo, edgy gacha life nine year olds wear on their arms to make it look like they cut.
Emo gacha kid: *shows arms with the bracelets on pretending to be all sad*
Me: wow, nice Gucci Bracelets, bro
by annoying_hooman November 4, 2020
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Used to poke fun at people online that fake cuts on their characters, calling them "Gucci bracelets" because of the fact they are usually draw on red lines.
1: I'm so depressed and gay, I even have red on my arms look I cut myself
2: Nice gucci bracelets
1: Kill yourself
by beesnur January 3, 2022
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Typically used by the cringy/edgy side of the Gacha community to show their character self-harms if you self-harm, please talk to someone.
by EnbyIreland March 26, 2022
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