Nagisa (なぎさ, ナギサ) is a Japanese given name used by either sex and is occasionally used as a surname.

Nagisa can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:

* 渚, "beach/shore"

* 汀, "water's edge/shore"

* 凪砂, "lull, sand"

The given name can also be written in hiragana (なぎさ) or katakana (ナギサ).

Real People:

- Nagisa Arakaki (渚), a Japanese professional baseball player
- Nagisa Katahira (なぎさ), a Japanese television actress
- Nagisa Oshima (渚), a Japanese film director

Fictional Characters:

- Nagisa Aoi (渚砂), the main character of the Strawberry Panic! anime series
- Nagisa Furukawa (渚), the main heroine of the visual novel, manga, and anime series Clannad
- Nagisa Iwashiro (渚), a character in the Battle Arena Toshinden fighting game series
- Nagisa Musumi, co-protagonist of the original Futari wa Pretty Cure anime series
- Kaworu Nagisa (渚), a character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise
- Nagisa Azuya (凪砂), a character from Clamp School Detectives
by Nagikipoo January 19, 2010
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An adorable bean that was created firstly as a girl then later changed as a boy. Is in a class with a teacher that is a alien like creature that flies mach 20. and is labeled unkillable. His birthday is 7/20 and he Is also shipped with karma very hardly. Assassination classroom
Karma: hey korosensei have you seen nagisa today? Its his birthday.
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Furukawa Nagisa is the name of the main heroine of Clannad (Visual Novel, Anime, Manga, Movie). Many would consider this girl as the prototype of the perfect woman, although this image is only helped by her disease. Later on, she finds a guy, Tomoya, marries him, has a baby with him and dies.
Nagisa's role in the Clannad movie was different from the one given in the series.
by Negative the Kyo February 28, 2009
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A sociopathic narcissist who verbally mistreats her employees and manipulates situations to harm them
"My manager is a real Nagisa."
by FECJAK October 5, 2013
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A class 3-E student from the anime 'Assassination Classroom.'His resemblance to a female is scary and even has long hair and is voiced by the actress Mai Fuchigami. He is a great assassin but not so great in physical strength. Still, he is not someone you want to pick a fight with. Usually calm and friendly.
"Hey, Nagisa."

In this, the word Nagisa meaning the name 'Nagisa Shiota'
by YourKarma April 27, 2018
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BEST character in Neon Genisis Evangelion, who was the last angel to try to come to Earth in order to induce instrumentality and destroy the human race.
"this is the light of my soul, a sacred barrier where none may intrude. Aren't you Lillim even aware yet that your so-called AT field is simply the shield that protects every mind in existence?"
by pyrotaku April 5, 2005
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The bishounen character of the Evangelion series, Kaworu is most likely homosexual (or just completely oblivious to the taboos of male intimacy). Probably in love with Shinji Ikari. He killed a kitten once.
Kaworu Nagisa speaking to Shinji Ikari:
"You are delicate like glass."
"Am I?"
"Yes, and that earns my sympathy."
"In other words, I love you."

by Kerii-chan March 25, 2007
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