one of the nicest people you will ever meet. she is an amazing friend and could never be forgotten she will always make you laugh and smile. she is extremely smart. she is one of the most prettiest people you will ever meet. if you ever get the chance to meet a Darby don't just let her be someone else best friend, make sure she is yours because she will always be there for you and love you forever and all those boys out there who get her a girlfriend you so lucky.
Darby is perfection
by tammehh May 31, 2013
The coolest and funniest person you'll ever meet. Usually a hot blonde, but could be brunette as well. Very talented and sweet, and is very friendly. Almost no one hates them, and the perfect girlfriend. AN OVERALL PERFECT PERSON.
Person 1: Dude look at that slammin' chick

Person 2: Yeah, I know. She must be a Darby
A hot person that's funny, talented, amazing, cool, and good looking. He/She likes tacos and is boss. Also he/she gets all the ladies or guys.
Person 1: that kids so cool.
Person 2: oh so he's a Darby.
by Jordan Maclin June 21, 2013
the coolest person you'll ever meet. is always beautiful. friendly, caring, and outgoing. loves to dance.
Darby is one hot mama!

Darby is super sweet.
by Bowchickawowow June 17, 2008
The best pal. What a pal. Literally the definition of the pal you need in your life.
Omg it's Darby, what a pal
by DelphicDrifter October 21, 2017
Darby is also a guy. Super nice but can still kick ass. Never lets someone cry alone and doesn't let people get bullied.
Thanks Darby, for helping me through this.
by MutatedCrow August 25, 2018