A brassiere for men, aka a "bro".
Makes its first appearance in the Seinfeld episode, The Doorman.
For comfort and support for men, choose the mansiere.
by Goose April 07, 2005
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it's a bra that a man wears cuz he's got man-boobies
by ben judson April 26, 2004
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A last name what’s pretty common in Israel, but is known in other countries too. The last name comes from a mans bra, for boys who have boobs. There was once an existing Mansier family from The United States who died back in War.
Example 1:

Person: hey boy, you’re growing boobs, go and buy a Mansier bra!
Boy: Oh, shut up!!
Example 2:

person: Writing about a person with the last name Mansier.
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Mansier is a surname originated from France. It is the 893,754th
Most Common
surname in the World. Statistics show that approximately 300 people bear this surname
In the year 2014 it was reported 177 people born in France had the surname Mansier on birth records, 93 in the Netherlands, 26 in the United States, 17 in the United Kingdom, 3 in Australia, 1 in Morocco and 1 in Spain.
The surname Mansier is pronounced as Man-SEE-UGH.
You would say Mansier if you are saying someones full name or referring to them by their last name, for instance like you would talk about the famous Ronaldo, if you was talking about a popular footballer that had the surname Mansier it would go like: Person 1. Did you see Mansier play last night against PSG? He was fire! Person 2: No I didn't, can you show me the replays?
by Forbears.Io April 03, 2021
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