219 definition by George

London School of Economics.
The most prestigious social sciences Institution in the world, produced a quarter of all Nobel prize winners in Economics.
Are there many toffs at LSE?
by George February 20, 2004

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v: to fill another's head with false notions
She was all gassed up, so when she didn't win promqueen she was salty.
by George February 02, 2004

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A person convicited of the most serious category of a crime.
Having ben convicted of Grand Theft, he is now a felon
by George March 09, 2005

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1. n. refers to the high/middle school in the city of La CaƱada, CA, where various individuals learn, play, and beat other schools such as poly high school in every sport.
flintridge prep has about the smartest students and best athletic program in the Los Angeles area.
by George December 06, 2004

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the plural for more than one punk.
Up The Punx.
by George March 01, 2004

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the finest beer known to man.
The Bud Light i had was so bad i had to wash it down with 3 Molsons.
by George February 05, 2005

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1. n a female who is hard to understand with her different catchphrases.
Ex: You're turning into a Smriti with your little comments, yes you are.
by george March 21, 2005

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