16 definitions by Geoff AF

To place your hand in between a man's buttocks.
In a recent Iranian soccer game, a teammate did this to an opponent (who had his shorts still on) and both were punished.

On Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld on Fox News Channel (11-03-2011), a guest called this "the Charlie Kornheiser."
by Geoff AF November 3, 2011
A disrespectful range of varied but related ideas or objects, the individual features of which tend to overlap so as to form a continuous series or sequence.
Valerie: "Dude, you're kind of rude."

Geoff: "How so?"

Valerie: "You're insulting, rude, jerky..."

Geoff: "All part of my disrespectrum."
by Geoff AF May 12, 2010
This is what occurs when one female becomes jealous of another.
Loretta is the hot new piece around the office, attracting all the guys. Vivian has worked at said office for several years and now receives little attention. Vivian is frustrated at Loretta for this, thus she has vagina envy.
by Geoff AF May 15, 2009
Someone who conjures up drama or dramatic situations to spice things up.
Otis is such a dramagician! Everything was going fine until he started telling stories about everyone being at that orgy last night. He really knows how to stir shit up.
by Geoff AF February 22, 2016
Laugh NOT out loud. Used when alone.
Sarah texted me a pic of her in a string bikini and I couldn't help but LNOL.
by Geoff AF November 9, 2015
Aubrey: "My husband spilled paint all over the goddamn carpet again."

Vicki: "No shit?"

Aubrey: "Yeah, he's been a real fucksmith lately."
by Geoff AF May 3, 2010
A metaphor for "balls" as coined by David Hobbs of SPEED during a Formula 1 broadcast.
(Jenson Button has just made a daring pass)

Hobbs: "Wow. Boy has some large attachments!"
by Geoff AF May 8, 2010