114 definitions by Geoff

A person who flops his cock out when with a girl, then has it put back in for him after being denied
Nich was a bit of a flopper the other night, too bad he denied by molly, she is the biggest hoe
by Geoff June 01, 2003
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Create a magic carpet, then lie upon thy stichings and bless the lord for what you have done to keep it and not spank your own mother for her wrong doings. Thank You.
by Geoff March 27, 2003
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Frames Per Second. The general benchmark for computer performance in a video game. Refers to the number of times the image on a computer monitor gets refreshed per second. 60 fps is generally the benchmark for acceptable performance; that provides a buffer for when the action in a game gets heavier.
My old crapper of a computer only gets 20 fps in Quake 3.
by Geoff January 19, 2003
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Short for fragmentary grenade, a grenade designed to propel shrapnel, generally with an approximate radius of 15 feet.
Throw that frag into the bunker.
by Geoff January 19, 2003
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A refrence to a hot piece of ass. Or a gang memeber who is in need of some love by a homosexual motor bike extremist.
"HA, i found you. You'll be a nice catch of fresh meat."
by Geoff March 27, 2003
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the inability to see something right in front of you
-where the hell is the peanut butter?
-right in front of you
-FUCK front shelf disease
by Geoff January 02, 2006
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An incredibly homosexual man who loves to have all of his orfices penetrated with big man meat
Woah dude, I saw this gay porn the other day, the guy was such a KD!
by Geoff October 13, 2003
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