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This is an acronym meaning 'text back'
This is place at the end of texts in the hope that the recipient will take note of the imperative and follow its instruction.
Hi how r u what r u up to i am having a good day but am tired from new york lol wahoo TB @ joe
by Gemma Rowlands March 5, 2009
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An acronym meaning 'shouldn't but will'.
Used mostly on text messaging and IM, occasionally used in general conversation.
'Are you going to get drunk tonight?'
'Ahh, SBW!'
by Gemma Rowlands March 4, 2009
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Author of the bestsellers 'Discover Grammar' and 'Rediscover Grammar' amongst many other works of literary genius, David Crystal is a celebrity in the world of English Language and linguistics.
A man of great talent and skill, well known within most sixth forms and universities in the United Kingdom and even further.
'I don't know anything about grammar, where can I start?'
'I don't know, maybe David Crystal can help!'
by Gemma Rowlands March 5, 2009
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Often referred to as the bible of English Language, this book helps people of all ages come to terms with the ins and outs of grammar.
This book is written by the literary genius David Crystal, who is a university lecturer specialising in linguistics.
'How can I learn how to use grammar?'
by Gemma Rowlands March 5, 2009
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A popular club in many high schools around the North West of England where students can get help with any aspect of English that they are finding a problem.
Having a problem with English? Why not go to Grammar Hammer?
by Gemma Rowlands March 2, 2009
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A man who is typically stingy in his offerings. Occasionally this word is used to refer to a woman, but mostly the recipients of this label are of the male gender.
'Would you like half a crisp?'
'HALF? You're such a hawkins!'
by Gemma Rowlands March 5, 2009
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Nickname for a girl who is obsessed with weirdo's and has weird habits, like obsessive compulsive cow pushing.
Look at her pushing that cow.. she's such a Gemzi.
by Gemma Rowlands October 22, 2008
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