An acronym meaning 'shouldn't but will'.
Used mostly on text messaging and IM, occasionally used in general conversation.
'Are you going to get drunk tonight?'
'Ahh, SBW!'
by Gemma Rowlands March 04, 2009
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Acrynom for Sonny Bill Williams, the famous NRL star. Often used by comentators.
" matuhia passes to mason and its mason to SBW! what a run and what a try!"
by Nrl luva August 31, 2007
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"Snap-Back Whores." Girls that walk around in bathing suits and snap-back hats.
Did you see that girl walking around in a bathing suit and a hat? She had to be SBW.
by founderrr April 24, 2011
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Shortened name for ScooterBoy-World, the definitive scooter forum for genuine scooter enthusiasts. If your a Mod expect no mercy, you may be better off on scooter-forums where all things gay and shiny are accepted.
"I ride a GS scooter with my hair cut neat" - you sound like a Mod and should take your gay arse to that poofy scooter-forums
by Eight legged freak February 08, 2005
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