The man who is responsible for creating Kirby and smash bros. He is horny for swordfighters and has a fetish for Fire Emblem characters but doesn't admit it even though everyone knows it.
Shigeru: Damn Sakurai you sure love putting in a lot of swordfighters and Fire Emblem characters. You sure you aren't horny for them?
Sakurai: NO! I swear I'm not horny for them!
Shigeru: Ok then why does say "Lucina x Byleth x Female Robin gangbang" in the browsing history on one of the employee computers?
Sakurai: That was Bill Trinen! I saw him looking that up!
by Anonymous Teen 133 March 20, 2020
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The creator of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. and a man who will never give us Waluigi as a playable character!
Fans: Sakurai???? Sakurai: yeah what is it im busy adding characters that nobody cares about!!!!! Fans: Can we have Waluigi in the game?????? Sakurai: WHAT!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

... but seriously I like Sakurai... this is just a joke
by MattTheMan25 September 30, 2018
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Director of the Smash Bros series, he is a god among men.
Masahiro Sakurai likes landmasters.
by Don Ngyuen January 31, 2008
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The living definition of the Japanese workforce. Complete workaholic who will do everything possible to finish a project, all without any regards for their own health. He will work his hands down to the bone, then down to the marrow, then he will get prosthetic arms just to continue his work, if he hasn't died from stress yet. Masahiro Sakurai will pour his soul into anything and everything until he has no soul left, then pours in some blood and flesh for good measure.
Jesus fucking christ Masahiro Sakurai, please I'm begging you. Sleep, for once.
by The_Jamijach December 12, 2018
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A member of popular Japanese boy-band Arashi, who is also the rapper in the band. Nicknamed "Keio Boy" for being the first graduate of an elite university (Keio University) in his talent agency, Johnny's Entertainment. He became a news caster on News ZERO in 2006. Also known for his nade-gata, meaning sloped shoulders.
Sakurai Sho is the hottest guy in Arashi.
by arashian January 5, 2012
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The sexiest J-rock singer alive. Has the vocal abilities of an angel, the looks of a god, the sexual appeal of 34567898 of the world's hottest people COMBINED. His hair is like the soft caressing wind at night. His eyes are like the sun; blazing into your soul. He is perfect~
Person 1: Who's that sexy Japanese guy?

Person 2: Oh, him?? Bro, that's Sakurai Atsushi.
by himynameisyourmom. June 18, 2011
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The holy God and savior of the popular video game franchise Super Smash Bros.
A person who can make even the unlikeliest of characters, playable and balanced excluding Duck Hunt Dog.
"Did you see what daddy sakurai did with goomba? Who would have thought goomba could be playable!
by chiefmasters November 17, 2014
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