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Brother God to Irish! Scots and the Irish kick all ass and if you have a problem with that fuck off!
No example needed, if you need one...Fuck you.
by Gabriel March 21, 2005

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Simply "The God." No one possessed the poetic ability or wordplay before him, and many have his style embedded in their delivery since.
Rakim. Ruler Allah King I Master.
by Gabriel October 30, 2003

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Gods along with the Scots!

See Scottish.
All Irish are NOT alcoholics
by Gabriel March 21, 2005

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To dress, coif and/or apply makeup in an elegant manner so as to look like a doll. To dress up. Beautify.
Uma Thurman got all dolled up to appear in Larry King.
by Gabriel October 28, 2003

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Salmiakki is a salty treat (like candy but salty) that many people in Finland love. Many agree that it is an acquired taste.

Although salmiakki resembles black licorice in color and often complements it in flavor, it is actually the salt ammonium chloride. Synthesis of ammonium chloride is a common experiment in Finnish chemistry classes.

Salmiakki candies are almost always black. The only other colors used are white and variants of grey. Since pure ammonium chloride is a white powder, the reason why black is the preferred colour for salmiakki is somewhat unclear. It might be partly to provide a "tougher image" for the candies, and partly because of the liquorice used to vary and soften the salty flavor.

The canonical shape for salmiakki candies is a four-cornered lozenge. This shape is so popular that in Finnish, the word "salmiakki" can sometimes refer to the lozenge shape, instead of the candy or the salt it is produced with. This is particularly common in computer science when discussing the Unified Modeling Language. Round salmiakki candies are also very common, either disc-shaped or complete spheres.

In addition to being used in candy, salmiakki is also used to flavor vodka and distilled rye brandy.

Salmiakki is extremely popular in all five of the Nordic countries, but is lesser known elsewhere in the world. Most non-Nordic Europeans have heard of salmiakki, and sometimes tried it, but are generally not especially fond of it. A notable exception is the Netherlands, where salmiak (salmiakki) is very popular. Because of this, the Netherlands have been called "the sixth Nordic country".

Salmiakki is virtually unknown outside Europe. Some Finnish ice hockey players playing in USA leagues have tried to import salmiakki among their American teammates, but so far, results have been pretty much hopeless.
I came back from Finland, and I'm now addicetd to Salmiakki! Give me more!
by Gabriel June 18, 2005

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Invincible is the state of being immune to taking any form of damage, you no longer feel pain from anything. Even if the painless state only lasts for a few moments, they would be rather intense and most likely void of all emotion.
"It's pointless to continue fighting, he's invincible to your every attack."
by Gabriel March 29, 2005

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Complete confusion and a reply to say the misunderstood phrase.
Huh? You want a example?
by Gabriel February 18, 2005

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