34 definitions by Gabriel

A dumb fuck who will soon die.
Someone who is "Happy" or insane.
Crak fuck who wants life to be better.

Also see words: DUmb fuck, dumb ass, dead mother fucker.
Billy saw the train coming for him but since he is an optimist he thought the train would stop, but now he is a dead optimist.
by Gabriel March 21, 2005
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Something that helps a minority of people in situations to use logic to get out of said situation.
Commen sense is not so commen.
That train is coming for me, I should move.
by Gabriel March 21, 2005
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A man (usually of Chilean heritage) that can not locate the clitoris.
"No, to the left..."
"No, Hans, for fuck's sake, it's right there, to the right!"
"Oh, this, right here? The knub?"
"That's my belly button, you fucking spic retard! I'm out of here."
"Baby wait! Baby c'mon... baby, they're six bucks a pill..."
by Gabriel March 15, 2005
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Verb: the act of crushing and snorting pills.
I had to bang some Addies so I could study well.
by Gabriel May 09, 2005
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California Police codes for a drive-by shooting
"We have a 246 resulting in a 187"
by Gabriel November 14, 2003
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To make a funny noise by blowing air on a baby's butt.
The baby-sitter bagpiped Tanya while changing her diaper.
by Gabriel June 04, 2003
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