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when a person has to make a decision with two different options and they don't know what to choose
he's caught in a crossfire
by millie bobby brown May 17, 2017
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Referring to the heavy unfashionable winter jacket and patterned mittens Sanders wore to the inauguration of Joe Biden.
Its brutally cold outside this morning so be sure you're Bundled Like Bernie!
by Talk2me-JCH January 24, 2021
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1.) An amusing game from the early 90’s with an epic commercial. It is widely believed that everyone who has ever played this has lost every metal ball by now.

2.) A hilarious one-word salutation usually made while drunk that requires no explanation; the Rick Roll of phone calls. If you have to explain Crossfire to them the next day, they probably aren’t worth talking to ever again. Can also be used as a verb when you totally own someone who doesn’t see it coming.
“Hey, wanna play Crossfire?”
“No. What are you, twelve?”

Phone Call

"Hey, sup, dude? Is the weather that bad on the road?"



“Damnit, dude. You knew I had that important interview at 8. Why the hell did you Crossfire me at 2 AM on a Wednesday?”
by Thadeus Thunderwinkle March 19, 2010
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Or CrossFire.
Cross Fire is a "Free to play" FPS game that used to belong to SubaGames, now it's part of Z8game's portal along with Metin2.

This game has a lot of potential to be fun, but after G4Box split from Wicked Interactive (Which owns Suba, G4 just signs a partnership with them), the game is now utter bullshit. Sure the admins and mods are the same, but ever since the split, the game is officially pay to win, thus answers why I quoted "Free to play". The community sucks as well, trolls and flamers run about not to mention they fap to anything female no matter how ugly they look. The forums used to be fun back at Suba where they sit back and just try to have fun (I lurk but hardly post). The number of trolls/flamers on the new site "Z8games" reflect how badly Cross Fire is now. Kids fap to these female characters known as "SPOP".

TL;DR - This game used to be fun, now it sucks and so is their community. It's also pay to win where you pay $20 a month just to get body armour and guns that always find ways to get your head, which all lasts for 30 days. So keep the money rolling!
Guy 1: I'm going to play some Cross Fire.
Guy 2: WTF dude? Why not try Combat Arms? They promise to keep their NX cash only to buy cosmetic stuff such as new character models and Elite Moderator, never shall they release "Body armor" or any magical guns that kills people.
Guy 3: Yeah, in Cross Fire you buy your skills as for Combat Arms you have to earn it. Cross Fire is the only game I know where you buy armour, every other games it comes with it.
Guy 4: I play Soldier Front though.
Guy 2: Soldier Front is good, just hackers once every while.
by Emnesity December 29, 2009
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A hella fun game that almost a copy of CS counter strike but funner.With there unique Ghost Mode game mode this makes it one of the funniest FREE FPS's out there
Waffle's: dude imma hit up CrossFire get on!

Shamps: Okay
by SteelWaffle August 11, 2009
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Usually occurs during a threesome that is hurriedly increasing in pace.

The sex is so hot and the men want to bust so bad they lose their heterosexual male sense of boundaries

E.g. begins with a double-team, proceeds to double penetration, getting smashed and a double down before the finale.

What happens is cum from opposing sides intersect in mid-air (crossfire part.1)
If the males don't retain their sense of boundaries soon, they will suffer a nightmare they will never forget (crossfire part.2)
Girl double downs, gets her hair pulled and head pulled back.
Both guys then blow their entire loads, and globs of hot man-juice begin to cover her face.

The guys are in such a hurried daze they forget where they're pointing.

As loads of cum from both guys intersect in mid-air, creating mini-cum explosions like the interception of a missile...
their cocks start to waver from pointing at her face and swerving towards each other; the girl goes from object of desire to being caught in a deadly cum-crossfire

(In some cases it ends here when the males realize they are moving towards a collision course)
But the sex is so hot loads of cum begin missing her face and ends with the guys eventually pointing at each other.

The men trade man-juice; what was strictly a heterosexual porn act now becomes a homosexual act.

Both guys immediately go flaccid, run home and cry in their beds.

The End.
by jinxlan February 21, 2010
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ATi's answer to Nvidia's SLI dual GPU setup.

Integrates Two ATi graphics cards to produce a highly efficient render.
"Plug in a Radeon CrossFire Ready graphics card and a compatible CrossFire Edition card, or a second compatible CrossFire Ready graphics card to unite ultimate multi-GPU gaming power."

more on " crossfire/howitworks.html"
by James Knight January 27, 2006
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