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A new IM client that allows users to see which games their buddies are playing. Certain games allow instant joining into your friends' games. Now generally considered AIM for gamers.
Because I use Xfire, now I can see which games my friends are playing.
by rsx May 3, 2004
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A IM and tracks scores and hours. This is mostly for nerds.
Nerd1: omg I poon u d00d I have 46767 hours on WoW!

Nerd2: scrw u man u suk. i cud double that on xfire.
by Unknown!22 November 29, 2006
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Short for "crossfire", used on many Shoot Em All, Shooter Games, and Online Shooter Games.

Like Counter-Strike.
CounterT1: Watch for the xfire!!!
CounterT2: I can hear and see, man!!
by Gabriel February 18, 2005
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