simply the master, a man whose's brilliance was so far ahead of his time, we're still trying to catch up
the e f f e c t a smooth operator operating correctly
by zoraida January 27, 2004
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a hip hop MC that, although is the greatest MC of all time, is often overlooked by people that dont realize hip hop has been around since before 1995 (the year 2pac joined death row). he was born in wyandach county in long island, new york. he converted to islam at 14. an example of a rapper that didnt have to have a criminal record to be the greatest.
"i take 7 mcs, put em in a line. then add 7 more brothas who think they can rhyme. but itll take 7 more before i go for mine. now thats 21 mcs ate up at the same time."

by the way. this new excuse for hip hop sucks (especially lil wayne).
rakim's "my melody" is the greatest display of lyrical ability ever.
by eboyd32 June 5, 2007
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Rakim Allah- Ra
Switch it around, it still comes out Ar. (R)
by Northend September 22, 2003
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1. a rap duo of eric B and rakim from queens new york.
2. RAKIM (as in the song)
R: Rugged and rough that's how I do it
A: Allah who I praise to the fullest
K: Keep it moving
I... Stand alone
M: It's my crown, my world, my throne
by 202 REPRESENT August 21, 2003
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Simply "The God." No one possessed the poetic ability or wordplay before him, and many have his style embedded in their delivery since.
Rakim. Ruler Allah King I Master.
by Gabriel October 30, 2003
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rakim is a madd good rapper
by richie December 13, 2004
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Thinkin of a master plan
Cuz ain’t nuthin but sweat inside my hand
So I dig into my pocket, all my money is spent
So I dig deeper but still comin up with lint
So I start my mission- leave my residence
Thinkin how could I get some dead presidents
I need money, I used to be a stick-up kid
So I think of all the devious things I did
I used to roll up, this is a hold up, ain’t nuthin funny
Stop smiling, be still, don’t nuthin move but the money
But now I learned to earn cos I’m righteous
I feel great! so maybe I might just
Search for a 9 to 5, if I strive
Then maybe I’ll stay alive
So I walk up the street whistlin this
Feelin out of place cos, man, do I miss
A pen and a paper, a stereo, a tape of
Me and eric b, and a nice big plate of
Fish, which is my favorite dish
But without no money it’s still a wish
Cos I don’t like to dream about gettin paid
So I dig into the books of the rhymes that I made
To now test to see if I got pull
Hit the studio, cos I’m paid in full
by Blaze December 16, 2004
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