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To masturbate until the point of ejaculation is reached.
Oh, oh, ho, oh my god, wait.. wait a..., oh OH SHAZAAAM!
by gabe April 21, 2005
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female mothers, sometimes single, that haul their little tykes around to soccer practice or games; vehicles they drive range from big ass gas hogging SUV's to mini vans with a soccer sticker placed near the back window; usually upper middle class cake eating assholes
The soccer mom gave me the "evil eye" after I clearly stated loudly, soccer should have stayed in Europe.
by gabe July 06, 2003
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A pretty decent band
Deicide's pretty fucking good.
by Gabe July 14, 2003
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This is the greatest bane of all time. They make me feel great inside, you don't even need drugs.
Jefferson Airplane is the kick ass.
by Gabe March 17, 2005
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a shooting term used when on a (gun) line or firing range; a round that does not extract all the way out of a "semi-automatic pistol or rifle" after fired; the round will be pointing toward the sky thus with a tad of smoke coming out; to look like a stove pipe;malfunction with a pistol or magazine
"Shit, my Beretta stove piped again."
by Gabe July 05, 2003
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1. A mini-van; usually as a means of conveyance for middle- or high-school aged blonde females to and from soccer practice, junior proms, etc. Origin: Neal Stephenson's novel Snowcrash- perhaps a pun on bento-box (a Japanese lunch box pre-packed with nutritious goodies).
2. Any vehicle driven by a soccermom.
"This huge bimbo-box cut in front of my ride and I couldn't see anything."
"Look out! Sally's drivin' her mom's bimbo-box."
"The enviornment can't afford any more freakin' bimbo-boxes."
by gabe February 09, 2005
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a very famous caliber in firearms. adopted by NATO for use in sniper rifles and heavy machine guns. the same league as an 7.62*54mm and 30.-06 rounds
dam the .308 dropped that guy like a sack of hammers
by gabe July 07, 2003
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