51 definitions by Gabe

When a person grabs a plastic spoon(or spork), puts some kind of food on its end and flicks the food in another's face
Alex had some major spoonage on Mike at the lunch table
by Gabe November 11, 2003
On my history desk, it said
except there was a K in it so it REALLY looked like
by Gabe February 15, 2005
This is the greatest bane of all time. They make me feel great inside, you don't even need drugs.
by Gabe March 18, 2005
A beautiful girl that you met on your college campus, who is coy, yet as sweet as sugar.
At MIT Campus Preview Weekend, I met a saccharine and I couldn't stop thinking about her.
by Gabe April 25, 2004
slang mostly used by beaners to tell people when they have just arrived
hey puto when u get here? shit man i just burely got here.
by Gabe March 20, 2005