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The godfather of Sex, violence, shock horror, mutilation, sodomy, satan, erotic values
by Gabe July 6, 2003
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A "GAY" guy who cum's in another guys ass and then takes a straw and slurp's all the juces that he produced and released (Ejaculated), into the realeasers mouth. There for allowing one to be a fucked ass sucker S.A.F.A (Suck A Fuck Ass). If you want to get technical and creative S.A.FINCH.A (Suck A FINCHED Ass). - He eats his own juices.

This term can be used for any type of gender.
cream pied asses with bacterial and chocolate topings.
by Gabe April 20, 2005
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the small bus that i ride to school \m/
I rided the spacker bus!!!
by Gabe April 8, 2004
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When a person grabs a plastic spoon(or spork), puts some kind of food on its end and flicks the food in another's face
Alex had some major spoonage on Mike at the lunch table
by Gabe November 11, 2003
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A prefix to describe the ultimate version of something:
Britney is the urbabe.
This is the urbeer fur shure.
Shakespeare is the urpoet.
by Gabe March 25, 2005
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Great band and the only good black metal band to ever exist.
Oh, please. Fuck the lyrics, just listen to the music.
by Gabe November 23, 2003
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