The act of glaring at someone with a lot of anger or hatred.
"She must be pissed, she's been giving me the evil eye all night."
by grindmyscrotum July 14, 2005
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“evil eye” protects you from harm and the evil eye stare.
“she is wearing evil eye jewelry so it’s better if we don’t make fun of her”
by lennicore August 11, 2022
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it's a form of unintentional hipnosis caused by looking intensily at someone with adoration,lust,hatred or envy
it's found in one way or another in every part of the world and it's believed to be true to some degree,in eastern europe in particular it is such a common belief that mothers almost always dress babies with a red ribbon which is thought to be a distraction
that old lady gave my child the evil eye
by voodoochilddd May 14, 2009
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to be under an evil spell or to cast one.(black magic)
"i think someone put an evil eye on me. can you do something about it?"-mr.smith
"yeah but you have to fast for 4 days before the cerimony begins."-mr.yazzie
by crook foot March 12, 2004
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The evil eye is an of amulet worn by people who need protection from evil, energy made when someone looks at you in an evil, jealous, or stares of envy The amulet comes in a color variety,

red stands for courage, and more energy in the body

orange stands for happiness, and protection in the mind and body

yellow/gold is for health and motivation for yourself

light green is for success in your dreams and enjoyment and contentment

dark green balance and happiness, can be used to balance life

light blue is for general protection and peace to life

dark blue is meant for karma and fate protection and for relaxation and less worry

purple is to boost imagination and creativity and to remove obstacles in life

brown is for protection from the natural elements in nature and to reconnect with mother nature

grey is to protect against sorrow and to boost the effectiveness of another color

white is for purity and focus and to start fresh

pink is to help boost and reunite friendship

black is for power and protection

the hamsa is to protect against the evil eye

is to not use the evil eye if you trust god the evil eye a are idols to god and an idol is something you'd put first above god and if gods not first then its a sin since god is always put first in the bible

(Put God first and you'll never be last Notebook lined with Bible verse "Matthew 6:33)
and god protects you as himself and since the power of the lord already protects you from any spiritual bad harm!
"the power of the evil eye and hamsa will protect you from the 'evil eye' that has a stare of jealousy, anger, envy, sorrow, or disappointment."
by jae the light bright nigga November 16, 2022
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Looking at someone with deep anger, disappointment, or hate.
When I told my mom her spaghettini was not as good as my grandmas, she gave me evil eye
by Mi wordz becuz I'm smart June 23, 2017
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After you donkeypunch someone they will more than likely look back at your sternly, however you will only see one of their eyes, but you can still tell they are looking stern. This in essence is the evil one eye.
"I donkeypunch'ed your mom last night and she gave me the evil one eye."
by rick james' ghost September 8, 2004
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