50 definitions by Gabe

I will get back to ya
i looking like having one later long assfucking
by Gabe March 21, 2005
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of or related to a dwarf, elf, gnome of other small personage
I am midgeticious
by Gabe November 02, 2003
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To laugh and then choke
by Gabe October 17, 2003
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a weed casorol, often found in a "Nick scarpettas ass"
Get ur budoroni out of ny butt, u roni
by gabe June 20, 2003
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slang mostly used by beaners to tell people when they have just arrived
hey puto when u get here? shit man i just burely got here.
by Gabe March 20, 2005
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A period of time usually used by the military after major deploymentsto give soldiers a much needed R&R
After we came back from Table 12, my squad recieved some down time.
by gabe July 06, 2003
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a term derived to tell your male friends your girlfriend is worthless; give up on a female;slut;
Tom snickered to Joe," my girlfriend is fucked out.
by Gabe July 05, 2003
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