51 definitions by gabe

a quintet rock group based out of southington ct,they willl rawk your sawks off
www.trisony21.tk r00lZ!!!
by gabe October 23, 2003
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female mothers, sometimes single, that haul their little tykes around to soccer practice or games; vehicles they drive range from big ass gas hogging SUV's to mini vans with a soccer sticker placed near the back window; usually upper middle class cake eating assholes
The soccer mom gave me the "evil eye" after I clearly stated loudly, soccer should have stayed in Europe.
by gabe July 7, 2003
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the small bus that i ride to school \m/
I rided the spacker bus!!!
by gabe April 8, 2004
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When a person grabs a plastic spoon(or spork), puts some kind of food on its end and flicks the food in another's face
Alex had some major spoonage on Mike at the lunch table
by gabe November 11, 2003
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a shooting term used when on a (gun) line or firing range; a round that does not extract all the way out of a "semi-automatic pistol or rifle" after fired; the round will be pointing toward the sky thus with a tad of smoke coming out; to look like a stove pipe;malfunction with a pistol or magazine
"Shit, my Beretta stove piped again."
by gabe July 6, 2003
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Look at that sunty mc sunt, she must weigh at least 350.
by gabe February 23, 2005
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