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Something e.g porn, photo, video etc. which is good enough for someone to use to masturbate.
She looks hot in that facebook photo, it's totally wank worthy.
by GPSK December 31, 2008

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Someone, who doesn't actually likes music, but can sing every single top 10 chart tracks.

This personal generally has no idea of music, but solely enjoys everything and anything his/her's radio disc jockey plays.
Saul 'Hey man, check out this album i got, it's John Coltrane's original Blue Train'

Hunter 'Oh, I think i have that on torrent, it's that track with Flo-rida, right?'

Saul 'You fuckin chart whore... and what kinda name is hunter'
by GPSK September 08, 2010

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Chav stands for : Council House And Violence - C.H.A.V

a term describing, a British version of what americans would called trailer trash. most commonly seen in full adidas sports tracksuits, and caps. Chavs also commonly wear, fake designer brands and therefore taint the image of these labels, e.g. Burberry Caps.

Notorious for petty crime, and domestic drug use - of course a massive generalization.
Alan 'Oi Dave, was you with them Chavs last week'

Dave 'Me! Hangings out with Chavs?! Fuck off mate! And anyway, i'm too fuckin busy with them shifts at Maccy D's'

Alan 'Yeh fairplay mate, ha, you a fuckin Chav never... Now pass me that wrench, this car's gotta stereo'
by GPSK September 08, 2010

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A male/female (mostly a male), who isn't good looking at all - minger - who can get the best looking girlfriend/boyfriend using their charm.
"Did you see him, with that model !!"

"Yeh ino man, he's a bit of a charminger"
by GPSK January 05, 2009

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And mix between the London slang Bless which means 'goodbye' or 'no worries' with the Latin American word Besos which means kisses.
Eg 1

Girl: I wanna see you soon
Boy: Im free saturday?
Girl: Yeh sounds good
Boy: I'll call you later, Blessos

Eg 2

Jamie: What's going tonight man?
Dave: It'll be good don't worry.
Jamie: Seriously man i want no surprises!
Dave: Its Blessos man chillll
by GPSK December 23, 2009

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When one buys loads of material items (a lot of us do) to raise their self-esteem.
Husband and Wife in their Mansion

H - 'Good day darling?'
W - 'Well darling, i tried on my new skirt and it was too tight, i went shopping, retail therapy, you know'
H 'Yes Darling (under breath) Using my fucking credit card to raise your wealth-esteem'
W - 'What dear?'
H - ' Nothing dear.'
by GPSK December 23, 2009

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When one shows off - flexes - there christmas gifts within the next week after christmas.
S "shit man nice jacket, shoes, hat"
K "yeh man xmas presents'
S ' ahh standard Flex-mas'
by GPSK December 23, 2009

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