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The main character in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", part 3. His full name is Jotaro Kujo.
Jotaro is probably the most memorable character of the entirety of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, next to Dio.
by FyterX December 23, 2019

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Have you not driven a car before? It's the thing that makes you go fast.
E.x.: So, there's this Eurobeat song about a guy that's obsessed with car racing to impress her girlfriend. He also seems to like stepping on the gas pedal for some reason.
by FyterX October 26, 2019

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Probably the most influencial person in the western rhythm game community. Not only did he work on In The Groove, but he also produced music as KaW, Smiley, Inspector K and more, along with creating Step Revolution LLC, which were the people behind ReRave and StepManiaX most notably.
Ayo, Kyle A. Ward just dropped a new song!
by FyterX June 11, 2021

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Stands for Fake BPM Syndrome. People that have FBS often think the BPM of a song is much higher than it is. It's especially prominent with people that are often not used to songs higher than 180 BPM and in Camellia's comment section on YouTube.
1: OMG this song is so fast!! It's like 1000000 BPM!!!!
2: dude this song is 205 bpm, i'm taking you to the doctor
Doctor: I'm sorry 1, but you've been diagnosed with FBS.
by FyterX June 03, 2021

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folga wooga imoga womp
Guy 1: This info is outdated anyway, FWIW
Guy 2 (clueless): FWIW means...?
Guy 3 (clueful): folga wooga imoga womp
by FyterX May 23, 2021

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Rhythm game term that describe a chart that has original music specially made for it. Popular examples include ExileLord's Soulless series (Guitar Hero/Clone Hero), Renard's Dash Hopes series (Mungyodance) and DDR ALL STARS' Dance Dance Revolution (Dance Dance Revolution), along with many others.
"Yo, ever heard of ExileLord's full customs?"
by FyterX July 18, 2020

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Classic XBox 360 indie title and ported to PC, developped by JForce. Murder Miners is a first person shooter game with destroyable environment. The game also offers a map creation mode. People can also compare Murder Miners to a mixture of Halo and Minecraft.
Playin' Murder Miners on my PC, getting everyone onto VC, whoopin' yo' ass on parkour, Murder Miners League I'm hardcore.
by FyterX October 26, 2019

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