FWIW, the Supra was the best sports car Toyota ever made.
by Redbullet156 February 25, 2003
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Guy 1: This info is outdated anyway, FWIW
Guy 2 (clueless): FWIW means...?
Guy 3 (clueful): folga wooga imoga womp
by FyterX May 23, 2021
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Brother 1: This beer is terrible, Why do you buy this trash?
Brother 2: I like to support the local breweries, and this brewery in particular gives back to the community, FWIW.
Brother 1: ah, makes sense.
by Dill D'Eaux May 25, 2021
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FWIW UT99 will never be outdone as far as fun gameplay goes.
by Compuzen January 20, 2006
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