Someone who is using performance-enhancing drugs.
"Pro wrestlers? Yup. Totally on the gas."
by D. Gould December 6, 2008
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The term "on the gas" is to used to describe a person or persons who are currently or have been, drinking alcohol.
Dave: "Hey man, what did you get up too in the weekend?"
Mike: "Oh, me and a few mates when down to the local bar and got on the gas, Saturday night."
Dave: "So, a quiet one on Sunday then?"
Mike: "Yep, you could say that."
by buckonz February 19, 2009
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Song by Manuel that was used in Initial D and is the perfect song when you want to race or drift
Person: Hey whats your favorite song?

Me: Gas Gas Gas
by The_DaffyOne January 31, 2021
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What CF recruits do not want to hear during BMQ.
Course Instructor: GAS GAS GAS!!

*all recruits shut their eyes, take off their headgears (if any), quickly pull out the gas masks from the pouch, tightening the straps after putting it on*

(or at least attempted to in under 9 seconds)

Course Instructor: You! Bloggins! Way too slow: assume the Cockroach Position!
by Pte. Bloggins February 6, 2008
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Famous Kyeongsangdo line for using four of the same Korean characters “ga ga ga ga” all said with different intonations to mean “Is that the guy?”
'He's the one I was telling you about'

'ah, ga ga ga ga?'
by Nochucomethru February 12, 2018
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1. v. The act of getting excited and/or animated about something. To be exremely happy.

2. adj. Describing something as great.
I love Taco Bell. I go Ga-Ga for that shit.

That chick's boobs are Ga-Ga.
by Fitch April 15, 2004
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