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A type of energetic music originated in italy but only sold in Japan. People often mistake it for techno music but it is NOT techno. It usually has a BPM of 140-160 and made up with synthesizers and a few guitars here n there. Eurobeat has an offical dance called Para Para, in which you you use your hands and arms mostly. Eurobeat is also played in the anime Initial D which also made eurobeat more popular in the USA.
Him: what kind of music do u listen to?
Me: something you probably never heard of.
Him: let me listen
Him: oh so its techno
Me: no its called eurobeat, now go f*ck yourself
by Initial D September 20, 2005
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eurobeat • ユーロビート

A music style characterized by fast beats per minute, heavy synthesizers, occasional guitars, and dramatic vocals. Originally spawned off of Italo disco with a handful of Italian labels pioneering the genre; now an international cult sensation, with the majority of it's creators releasing songs primarily in Japan.

In the west the style is mainly known via Dance Dance Revolution and other rhythm games, as well as the Initial D animation; both which showcase a wide variety of artists.

Avex Trax holds the longest running anthology of eurobeat, with its Super Eurobeat (SEB) series. Vocaloid, Touhou, and even automobile franchises have all sprouted their very own spin of Eurobeat, eg. Toho Eurobeat (TEB).

Often compared to Pop, Electronic Dance Music, House, Dubstep, and R&B; due to the ambiguous and niche nature of the genre, it's hard to pinpoint and classify it, making it one the most versatile musical styles in the world.

The dancing style Para Para is often associated with Eurobeat.
To date, eurobeat is exclusively sold in Japan.
by lunaswav3 June 04, 2016
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Ultra fast paced, electronically produced music. Armed with electric guitars and crazy tempos, artists make frenzied melodies with catchy beats.
The Initial D anime is eurobeat themed
by ZT October 24, 2005
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Songs that make you want to fever the night, like a boy in space filling ones heart with burning desire that get you power which takes you back to tokyo. XD
by Nemesis April 05, 2004
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Perhaps the catchiest music in the world. Originated from Italy, sold in Japan. Parapara made it popular.
Seriously, Eurobeat is not techno. Go to hell.
by Mike December 16, 2004
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One of the most underrated genres of music ever.
Why is this song categorized as "Hyper Trance Eurobeat"?
by dj gs68 April 24, 2003
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A style of music originating from either Italy or Germany, popular in Japan and marking its ground in the US. It consists of catchy, frenzied, overproduced beats and rhythmic dance voices. Eurobeat often mentions Japan, cars, love, dancing all night long, known in the Eurobeat world as "keywords." Eurobeat singers usually perform under many different names.
by Jay E. October 06, 2003
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