1.) 205 (Two -oh-five) is a term used when a subject is introduced as if new, yet everyone else has heard of it previously.
2.) Used like a shorthand response when a nOob posts an image or notable news to a message board or email list in which all participants have beaten the subject like a dead mulie.
nOob: "Hey did you hear a guy got caught speeding and he was doing Two hundred-five miles per hour over near Minnesota."

Experienced Adventure Rider: "205, so FYYFF"
by ADV Rider January 25, 2005
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An Area Code for the Birmingham, Alabama Area.

Also Means Birmingham, Alabama.
Yeah... I’m from the 205
by cameronmor3 May 7, 2018
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The numbers in Jimin and Namjoon's clothes and the timestamp in BTS' No More Dream Official MV where it glitches Jimin's face and scared the heck out of Armys.
OMG, did you see that glitch in 205(2:05)?! Bighit, y u do dis?!
by BTSGlitchParty April 2, 2018
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205 is slang for black people.
This bodybuilder weighed 205 pounds, black people are generally muscular and more strong, therefore we call them 205, its a compliment I believe.
that 205 is buff
by Ihandler September 9, 2018
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Hot version of the Peugeot 205. An Excellent hot hatch regarded as one of if not the best hot hatch to date. Launched in 1984, it saved Peugeot from an economical collapse. Immensely fun to drive with the sharpest front-wheel drive ever made. The 205 handled more like a go-kart than a car. That paired up with a bulletproof engine it was labeled "Car of the decade" by CAR Magazine in 1990.
So I went for a drive in a 205 GTI the other day, and I swear, you never have to use the brakes before a corner!
by The mysterious git December 28, 2013
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a.) apparently a place where large amounts of games take place, but there are never enough players.

b.) a dark room of torture.
"Hey come to room 205! We are playing some games...but don't have enough players."
"Did I mention our room is dark?"
by not hot August 25, 2008
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The most dangerous thing on Earth is teh Lazer-Cunt!
No exeptions!
P1: Dude i wouldn't do that, its freaking dangerous!

P2: No worrys, Rule 205..

P1: oh well...
by max-b-eric June 22, 2011
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