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Not exclusive to, but, a high concentration of species of white female. These creatures that have become more and more prevalent, visible and somehow absurdly validated to some extent, with the advent of social media. This species is all over social media constantly putting up selfies. These selfies which all basically look the same. Furthermore, this female will go to any and all desperate extremes on social media through posts to get that all too precious attention that they need to make it through the day. These females think they are being coy about it. However, a deaf, blind, braindead person could see how blatant they are about it. This type of female has an outrageous sense of being unique, attractive and entitled. their entire existence revolves around them trying absurdly too hard at projecting those characteristics. However, in reality, they are painfully, hilariously, predictable, unoriginal and a living, walking stereotype. They also tend to exhibit high concentrations of self absorption. Which, ultimately, kills what ever attractiveness they may or may have not had to begin with. Face it, we all know one or more of them.....God help whomever is insane enough to take them seriously.
Person 1: "sweet Jesus, this needy basic white bitch is all up on Facebook with a selfie every damn day. She looks the same in every picture!"

Person 2: "It's either that or she's bitching about how many "creepy" guys are staring at her. But, we all know she goes out all hoed the hell up all the time."

needy, selfie, white girl, Facebook, Instagram, desperate, attention, starved, dumb, self-absorbed
by Furiosa the Accursed June 3, 2016
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A distinctive feature of a person abusing some sort of performance enhancing drug in which their head literally is disproportionate to the rest of their body. Essentially their jawline and foreheads are essentially twice the size of a normal person or to the scale of their own bodies. There have been cases where subjects' jaws actually break in their sleep because of the over modifications to the jawbone from the drugs they are doing. Throw a little fake tan or bronzer on their face and you have the typical Jersey Shore/ Westchester County/ Staten Island/ Long Island guido riff raff.
Dude 1- Mother of God, HGH Head looks like he's about to drop dead any day now from some weird cancer or a heart attack.

Dude 2- He looks like he has a mutated giant tomato between his shoulders. That guy is saucing hard!

HGH {head guido {strong island Staten Island cancer jaw Westchester County mutant Jersey shore
by Furiosa the Accursed June 5, 2016
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The frightening moment of clarity in hipster's life when they realize they aren't that special, individual, unique or entitled and there's several million hipsters that look, act and talk just like them. The hipster then has one of 2 roads to follow. One, be and complete denial and really just go balls out with everything that is hip. Two, leave the cult and start a new life.
Dude 1- "Whoa, that hipster is getting a haircut, a shave AND a bath!?!?!!?"

Dude 2- "Yeah, man, he saw the hipocalypse and decide to leave the hive and start a new life."
by Furiosa the Accursed May 27, 2015
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the act of a hipster doing something incredibly stupid all in the name of appearing "cool", "ironic', or "authentic'
Dude 1- "Why exactly is that guy going on vacation in the Congo again?"

Dude 2- "Because no one else goes there, it's off the grid, it's edgy, get it?"

Dude 1- "That's pretty hiptarded."

Dude 2- "You said it man."
by Furiosa the Accursed May 27, 2015
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Perhaps the scariest snake in the world. Its an elapidae snake that gets its name from the inky black interior of its mouth. The color of the snake is usually an olive or kakhi color. This serpent is the most feared in Africa and that is saying a lot. This snake has incredibly powerful venom that can cause a human to collapse in 45 minutes. The venom causes people to overproduce sweat and saliva eventually leading to collapse and complete respiratory failure. Combined with the fact that this species grows from 10 to 14 long, has lighting quick speed, is very strong, can be highly aggressive at times and is fully aware of its own deadliness this is the most feared snake in Africa.
I saw the Crocodile Hunter try to fool around with a black mamba once. The black mamba literally grabbed the Crocodile Hunter by his wrist with its tail. Not vice versa. That's not something you don't see every day. Then again, not too many are crazy enough to pursue a black mamba.
by Furiosa the Accursed June 3, 2016
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Yet another word of the English language "balls" but is pronounced this way by people in New Jersey, Staten Island, Long Island, The Bronx, and Westchester County New York.
She told me to take a quick shower. "Dick and bawlz that's awl.", she said.
by Furiosa the Accursed March 2, 2017
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The required unkept facial hair required for guys to have in order to work in a brewery, micro brewery, or to be a beer "aficionado". Can easily be confused with hipsters or some unemployed slob. Although, one comes to find out that some of them are actually hipsters.
I was rejected entrance into the local micro brewery because I was clean shaven. More importantly, I didn't have the mandatory beer beard. You can't try to do something crazy like being and making choices yourself these days.

Beer Beard {hipster follower slob craft dumb
by Furiosa the Accursed June 5, 2016
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