Short for micromanagement. Relates to such games as Warcraft or Starcraft, where control of multiple units simultaneously is required.
OMG this guy has no micro, he left a crypt fiend behind.
Teal, your bad archer micro made it impossible for my hero to do anything.
He's just a n00b with no micro.
by Koby_Fish November 14, 2005
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in strategy games: short form of "micromanagement"
conrast to macro/-management

controlling single units; do as many meaningfull actions as possible; special moves

in matches between 2 players with same tactical skills, the one with the best micro wins
omg...he builds up an expand, he creeps with his foots, he rushes with his hero and he scouts...an everything at the same time..what a micro
by suchti August 19, 2004
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Originally stemming from micro-management, the ability to expertly control multiple units simultaneously in an RTS, micro has come to mean the general finger dexterity gained from repeated gaming.
1: "He's attacking your base, quick, micro up a bunch of battle tanks."

2: "FPS players may have fast micro but they're kind of dumb."

3: "He's good at strats but he hasn't got the micro."
by Psyke February 4, 2006
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Something Koreans invented to annoy us normal people.
OMFG his micro be IMBA.
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ranpo(bsd) obsessed twitter addict with insane art skills. everyone should follow him right now he is the best mutual ever mwah mwah
did you see micro's new art?

yeah its so cool i love poe bsd
by twtworm September 19, 2023
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Although there is no specific definition for micro I would define it as the following:
Maximal killing of enemy units with minimal losses of your own units through the use of strategical movement and optimal use of your units' advantages.
Micro can be used to survive when being outnumbered but it is generally used by skilled people all the time during gameplay.
Next to micro, a player also has his macro to watch out for, these should be harmoniously balanced.
Man, he just killed 10 zealots with 3 marines! Gosu micro kekekekeke ^_^
by Xeo March 13, 2005
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