Mom: Happy birthday, here's the key to your new car. Are you happy?

Billy: Heck ya, I'm going crazy like.
by Bryan and Alex April 15, 2004
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As spoken by Renee Zellweger's slutty character Gina in Empire Records, crazy like means overly hyper and active.
Renee Z's slutty character: "You know it's too early ... It makes the customers all crazy like."
by KrW September 7, 2005
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Implys the opposite. The individual refered to is not crazy at all, rather cunning (like a fox). Used when one appears to be 'crazy', but is acting with a hidden motive, in a cunning way
Person 1 : "What's that guy doing? He's crazy"
Person 2 : "Yeah...Crazy like a FOX!"
by Umpa Lumpa October 16, 2003
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Crazy like Hayley Jane (popular singer/songwriter), specifically in a very creative sense and/or fickle with relationships.
"Did you hear that? That chick is crazy like HJ!"
by zacanger May 26, 2007
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an individual whose actions are unpredictable; they can be cunning (or at least like to think that they are) and a bit sneaky. Not to be confused with batshit crazy, though ingestion of alcohol and other narcotic substances can lead to the "fox" in question to lose the ability to disguise their craziness and indeed become a crazy freaking maniac
George: "thank you. you're welcome. thank you. you're welcome. thank you. you're welcome"
Andrew: "you're batshit crazy!"
George: "no way, man- I'm Crazy like a Fox."
by antimyrmidon April 6, 2011
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A 178 chapter long Frerard (not yet completed) story on that is the longest story on the site. It's written by Nukyster and features a mentally instable adaptation of Gerard Way and his suicidal 16 year old boyfriend, an adaptation of Frank Iero.
"dude, did you read CLYL on"
"Crazy Like You, Lollipop!!"
"Oh, yea man I love that story! It's so long..."
"Yea, but it's pretty amazing."
by babyblue(: November 9, 2010
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