coined by vallejo based rapper E-40
slang for marijuana
i don't need no doctor
idon't need no shrink
all i need is broccoli
and a forty ounce to drink
smoking that broccoli now
by chico May 6, 2003
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another slang word for weed, pot and/or marijuana
i'm smoking up my broccoli
by rymaxam October 27, 2017
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broccoli is a very special stuffed animal because he is very soft and is a crowd-pleaser. Broccoli is a celeb since many of my friends know and love him.
by pop off kween November 13, 2020
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can't leave the table until you finish it. your goal becomes clear... the broccoli must die!
forecast for tomorrow.. a few sprinkles of genius with a chance of doom!
by Adrian November 6, 2004
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Kid- Mom, I can't doo doo.
Mom- Go eat some broccoli; it'll clean you out.
by Shawn B. May 8, 2003
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broccoli is something you say when you don't know what else to say .
Person1: I love you.
Person2: Broccoli

Person1: How does my hair look?
Person2: Broccoli.

Person1: What's the answer to number 42?
Person2: BROCCOLI !
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drunk and stoned to the point of no return. Signs of someone being broccoli is crawling on their hands and knees trying to get to the nearest bed, or staying close to the floor just trying to breathe. Do not disturb or attempt to talk to someone who is broccoli, just let them go. At this point,sexof any kind is totally out of the question.
I knew we shouldn't have smoked that joint after the bar. Look at Linda now....she is just broccoli!!
by the_trapper August 17, 2006
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