Kissing, Hugging, and all that gushy stuff people who are in "love" do
by ac February 14, 2004
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1. Generally considered the squares use to refer to each other when they are in a relationship.

2. Also, can be a term to refer to someone trying to talk their way into gettin some, esp. amongst black people.
Gettin lovey dovey >

Square1: Hey sugar!
Square2: How is my little bunny wunny??
Square1: I'M just great my little caramel apple!!!
by Captn May 17, 2007
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actin cute with your girl/boyfriend.
gettin all mushy mushy with your girl/boyfriend
That couple was actin all lovey-dovey in the theater, not cute.

She wants that lovey-dovey, that kiss kiss.
by 2sexy October 17, 2007
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(Luv-e Duv-e) Eng. Noun. : completely corny as hell in nature, and used to describe someone totally in love and isnt afraid to show it.
Oh look here comes LESLIE Mann, she tries to act all tough but shes totally all LOVEY DOVEY
by Jaythelyricist November 17, 2014
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The last time I had a definition for this word it was 400,000 years ago.
The Lovey Dovey Tentacle Monsters in a Cup were not always tentacle monsters. Oh sorry, yeah they were. But they were not always in a cup. They were once mortal enemies in outer space in their space pods. They pod battled for supremacy. When they decided that was boring they would pod race, like in episode one. God, I hate that kid who plays Anakin. Little kids dont all suck at acting. Get one that knows how to deliver a line. But that little turd did not ruin it for me so its all good. He could never bring down a juggernaut like Star Wars. Speaking of Juggernaut, have you seen the new X-MEN movie? I haven't yet, but I have heard really good things. Anyway, the tentacle monster is in some plastic cup at a wedding or some shit. I dont know.
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A recorded program that starred the souls of Isabella Leavitt and Alec Lopez, and his brother Austin. Recorded on a home video camera, the tape has since been lost. The show has Alec and Izzy starring in several different immature skits, including imitating Barbie and Ken, and spoofs of commercials. The 2 have recently agreed to shoot another version of the show, set to premiere on a video hosting website such as youtube, sometime in the Fall.
Person 1: I can't wait for the new version of the Izzy-Dizzy Lovey-Dovey Polka Dot Show to hit Youtube.

Person 2: Me too

Person 1: Alec and Izzy are the bestest!
by OracleOXYGEN August 19, 2008
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