22 definitions by FridgeRaider

A naive, usually preteen lolita that an older guy flirts with, with or without pedosexual intentions.
Watch out! Your girlfriend in training is starting to wear a bra.
by FridgeRaider May 29, 2004
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The atheistic incarnation of the universal religious concept of shit happens.
See shit happens for some of the other denominational incarnations of the universal religious concept.
by FridgeRaider November 8, 2004
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(theoretical) To bone somebody so deep that it comes out some other orifice.
No, she wasn't giving head. I boned out and she gagged on it.
by FridgeRaider May 20, 2004
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1. An underaged prostitute.

2. A pro below the legal age of sexual consent.

3. Jailbait that offers to turn tricks.

4. A lolita for hire.
If you get caught with that baby pro you'll be charged with rape.
by FridgeRaider May 18, 2004
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An emphatic far out, reminiscent of the origins of both far out and groovy, in which the most groovy place is where the most far out thing was meant to go.
The most groovy place is where the most far out thing was meant to go, and that's far fucking out, man!
by FridgeRaider January 15, 2007
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How tweens and preteens like to get their titillation.
Some tweens crave titillation, but wouldn't dare to do anything risqué with their own bodies, so they'll wait until there's a lot of people and pants someone else.
by FridgeRaider December 14, 2004
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Willingly having sex, without force, coercion, manipulation, intoxication, or trickery.
Only adults are competent to give sexual consent. No, 12 years old is not adult.
by FridgeRaider May 18, 2004
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