22 definition by FridgeRaider

How tweens and preteens like to get their titillation.
Some tweens crave titillation, but wouldn't dare to do anything risqué with their own bodies, so they'll wait until there's a lot of people and pants someone else.
by FridgeRaider December 14, 2004

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The Sunday School incarnation of the universal religious concept of shit happens.
See shit happens for some of the other denominational incarnations of shit happens.
by FridgeRaider November 08, 2004

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Reverential incantation of a universal religious concept:
See shit happens for a better explanation.
by FridgeRaider September 27, 2004

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Something so good to look at, that your eyes don't need any more to look at.
Those tweens are an eye full.
by FridgeRaider December 14, 2004

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An emphatic far out, reminiscent of the origins of both far out and groovy, in which the most groovy place is where the most far out thing was meant to go.
The most groovy place is where the most far out thing was meant to go, and that's far fucking out, man!
by FridgeRaider January 14, 2007

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1. An underaged prostitute.

2. A pro below the legal age of sexual consent.

3. Jailbait that offers to turn tricks.

4. A lolita for hire.
If you get caught with that baby pro you'll be charged with rape.
by FridgeRaider May 17, 2004

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Inappropriately appropriated gratification; ill-gotten getting off. Derived from underwear, that being the usual location of the pleasure derived from underwarez, and warez.

That is a broad definition. Depending upon circumstances, the specific meaning could be anything from shaking hands with the unemployed, to cheating on your partner, to incest.
Not with your sister, you jerk! That's underwarez!

Don't stick your hand in your underwarez in public!

Stop shopping at the middle school, there's nothing there but underwarez!
by FridgeRaider December 24, 2006

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