22 definition by FridgeRaider

A contest to see who can eliminate the very best.
See mommy! Me go doody big time! Change me.
by FridgeRaider May 21, 2004

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An experimental recidivism project supported by the governments of California and the United States of America.
The inmates at Lassen County maintain petting zoos such as County Jail and High Desert Correctional Center in which threatened species such as upstanding citizens are incarcerated.
by FridgeRaider May 17, 2004

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The atheistic incarnation of the universal religious concept of shit happens.
See shit happens for some of the other denominational incarnations of the universal religious concept.
by FridgeRaider November 08, 2004

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I should be twelve.

I like girls, just don't expect me to say it out loud.

I hate 'em too - very loudly.

I didn't mean to, somebody pushed me!

School days are way too looooong.

Weekends are way too short and not enough of 'em.

Is it Lunch yet?

Who taped thumb tacks to my chair seat?!?

I wanna drive it!

But I want one with a motor on it!

Where's the food?

OK, the can's open. Now what?

They are not from K Mart!

Hey! You ever played with a Harry Potter Broomstick? No, I mean played with one.

Do I gotta do math today?

Who cares who was President in 1841?!? He's dead ya know!

Oh, wow! Stephanie's bending over! Nnnnniiiiiicccccceeeee!

I don't think I'll ever be old enough to get away with that.

If the doctor puts his hand under boys' balls and says to cough, what does he do to girls, grab their tits and say to fart?
See? I would make a great twelve-year-old. Been there, done that. Being twelve is wasted on people who will spend a whole year learning how to be twelve and when they finally get it right, they turn thirteen and have to start over. Being twelve should be reserved for people who already know how.
by FridgeRaider October 02, 2004

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A practical solution to an impractical schedule, but a good way to get hung up on, and your number blocked.
No, I'm not making a stall call! Now, how about we go out toni... (P-f-f-f-f-p-p-p-t... grunt... splash!) (click - bzzzzz!)

(dup-dup-dup-dup-dup-dup-dup... br-r-r-r-ng! br-r-r-r-ng! br-r-r-r-ng! br-r-r-r-ng!) Aw, come on! Pick up the phone! You were just there!
by FridgeRaider November 29, 2006

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A naive, usually preteen lolita that an older guy flirts with, with or without pedosexual intentions.
Watch out! Your girlfriend in training is starting to wear a bra.
by FridgeRaider May 29, 2004

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(theoretical) To bone somebody so deep that it comes out some other orifice.
No, she wasn't giving head. I boned out and she gagged on it.
by FridgeRaider May 19, 2004

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