What's up doody!
It's that D on mine!
Fo' Show doody!
by Dtown Dirty Dozen May 25, 2009
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Shepard Black: Yo ho, it's your duty to suck off the doody after getting a fuck in booty! Give me a clean dick after a mean stick! Throat like a goat!
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
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"I'm taking doody rhymes to a brand new height" (Beastie Boys)
by rich November 14, 2003
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what andy gets bummed by on regular occasions during break and lunch. 0wnizzled.
Andy's 'friends' "Waw you got bummed the love Doctor".

Andy "Hey his name is Dr.Doody"
by Frogyz July 28, 2006
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feces, poo poo, often associated with mud-butt; makes a great lubricant.
wait right hurr, i gotsta make some serious doody
by Sr. Janky March 4, 2005
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