A complete wet blanket type of person. One who resembles a debbie downer, a square and at certain points is a pretentious douche!
That bitch Christina has been a fucken DIAL TONE this entire event!
by eas.eas.eas March 25, 2012
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1. A sound heard on a phone system when you pick up the phone and it's ready to make a call. In US telephones this consists of a 350 Hertz and a 440 Hertz sine wave (two pure tones) mixed together.

2. That ominous sound in definition 1 that indicates your girl/boy friend has hung up on you.
1."To make a call, lift the phone off the hook and place it so that the cord is facing downward near your mouth with the two sets of holes facing your head. Then listen for a dial tone. When you get a dial tone, dial the number." (instructions just in case you're Amish or haven't been in a house since 1927)

2. I got into an argument with my S.O. and got a dial tone.
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To hit or smack another with unmerciful velocity. Often used in the context of a sports game, it indicates a severe body blow. See ring the bell.
Damn, when Frank flipped off the other driver, the guy jumped out of his car and dial toned him right then and there.
by Frank Klaune March 29, 2005
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The first step major step in bringing something 'up' (program, initiative, system, etc).
We need to be concerned first with building out the initial dialtone, then (Mr/s. Customer) we can start jamming in all the new content.
by rodgodd June 05, 2007
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